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Information about the Ellen McGill Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is named in honor of Ellen McGill who was a long-time medical technologist in the Chicago area. Ellen was an active member in ASCLS-IL (formerly ICLSA) and a past president. She was the Director of the School of Medical Technology at Illinois Masonic Hospital. This scholarship was started to honor Ellen’s contributions to the profession.

This scholarship will be awarded to an active member of ASCLS-IL that has not previously attended Legislative Symposium in March or the ASCLS National Meeting in July to pay for expenses. Two scholarships of up to $750 may be awarded annually. The registration fee and travel expenses will be reimbursed to each scholarship recipient after attending the meeting up to a total amount (registration and travel) of $750. Receipts must be submitted to the ASCLS-IL Treasurer for reimbursement. Award recipients will be required to write an article for the ASCLS-IL newsletter summarizing their experience at Legislative Days or the National Meeting.

Eligibility Requirements and Instructions:
Eligibility: Candidate must be an Active Member INCLUDING First Year Professional and Student Forum Members of ASCLS-IL, in the society at the local or state level, has not previously attended Legislative Days or the National ASCLS Meeting, and express a commitment to serve on the ASCLS-IL Board of Directors.
Reference: A member of the ASCLS-IL Board of Directors must submit a letter on behalf of the candidate describing the candidate’s involvement in the society to date as well as his or her potential for future contributions to the society.
Deadline: Completed Application and materials for scholarships to the March Legislative Symposium meeting must be received by February 1.

Completed Application and materials for scholarships to the July National Meeting must be received by June 1.
Award: Notification of awards will be made by March and July. A letter will be sent to the recipient informing him or her of the award. Award recipients will receive a certificate at the ASCLS-IL Annual Member Recognition Awards Ceremony during the Spring Meeting.
Selection Criteria
In order to receive full consideration for the ASCLS-IL-Ellen McGill Memorial Scholarship the candidate must:

  1. Be a PF1, PF2, or student member of ASCLS and a resident of Illinois.
  2. Demonstrate prior involvement in the society at the local or state level.
  3. Demonstrate the potential for future leadership on the ASCLS-IL Board of Directors.
  4. Application must be for a meeting the applicant has not previously attended.
Statement of Leadership Interests and Goals
Applicants are selected based on their past involvement and potential future contributions to the society. The candidate will submit a short biographical essay which, at a minimum, should address the following topics:

  1. Past involvement in the society.
  2. Goals and interests for future involvement in the society.
  3. Ideas for the growth and activities of the society.
  4. Reasons for attending Legislative Days or the ASCLS National Meeting including what you expect to learn and how you will use that information to the betterment of yourself, your employer, and the society.
  5. Explanation of the need for this scholarship to support your attendance at the meeting.

Download the Scholarship Application Form: PDFs: Application - Print & fill in (PDF)

Contact: Michelle Campbell -


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