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STEMfest: 10/20/12

STEMfest at Northern Illinois University on October 20, 2012
Northern Illinois University (NIU) hosted its annual celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, also known as STEMfest, at the Convocation Center, October 20th from 10am -5pm. It was the first time that NIU CLS program would participate in this event.  We had five of our 2nd year students and one of our 1st year students volunteer to help.  We had four microscopes set up showing malaria, leukemia, sickle cell, and a gram stain of a gram negative rod.  We also had our artificial arm on display, so that our students could demonstrate how to perform a venipuncture to those that wanted to see this procedure.  We provided synthetic blood and reagents to teach people how blood is typed.  Using some great visuals, the students explained the antigen/antibody concepts. We also had a drawing every hour where we gave away a stuffed GiantMicrobe. They were a big hit and gave the students a chance to explain what the Giant Microbe represented.  Ellen Olsen, CLS Student Lab coordinator, reported; "According to the number of raffle tickets given out, we had around 500 people stop at our booth which means around  500 more people now know what Clinical Laboratory Scientists are and what they do."  Everyone felt it was lot’s of fun.  We look forward to participating again next year. 

To learn more about this event please visit:

StemFest1   StemFest2



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